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Church Construction Trends in 2016

Commercial investors that are looking to expand with building projects in a limited area are finding that church construction trends are moving in their favor. As communities move further away from the town center, they bring their medical, education and retail buildings with them — but also their churches. To get started with building churches, a building company that understands the trends in church design and construction is a valuable asset. Listed below, details about the church building boom are listed, and the reasons it is becoming popular are described for anyone looking to build a new church.

Modern materials mean rapid construction

For many years there was a certain pattern established in the construction trade that centered around problems with concrete drying. However, in the past few years, nanotechnology and other improvements have been added to concrete and the results are astronomical. For instance, it is now much cheaper to do a large scale construction project like building a church because the project moves quickly (and saves significantly on labor and machinery rentals). This means that communities that have been waiting to build a new church until they have enough money saved may find they currently have everything they need to proceed with designing and constructing their new place of worship.

Saving money on design and design changes for churches

Naturally, any new building will require approvals and this means that the designer and architect will need to have samples for city officials to review. In the past, some communities required a 3D representation of the proposed construction project. Thankfully, today, 3D printers mean that these types of replicas for new churches or other buildings can be produced quickly, accurately, cheaply and are easy to redesign. This means that if significant changes or alternate models are needed, they can be produced within a matter of hours instead of thousands of dollars (and weeks) later. This is also much easier for construction crews to get approvals, put in their bids, and get a new project underway within a short period of time.

Keeping labor and production costs to a bare minimum with data tech

No one likes to charge church members extra money because the labor on the construction project for their new house of worship was extremely inefficient. Thankfully, there are apps and other smartphone technologies that can be employed to keep all levels of construction workers on task and keep labor costs to their absolute minimum. The end result is that no one is waiting to start a project because the plumbing company lost track of their work order and therefore end up costing the church members extra money.

Using managed service providers to save money

In the past, getting all of the professionals required to complete a church construction project was difficult to manage. Part of the problem was bringing in outside workers to a construction project to do specific jobs without having defined parameters from the beginning. Now, certain phases of the construction project are often dedicated to a specific team of teams that are previously vetted and have already set a price instead of bidding for it. This means that the project ends up saving money and the order of tasks happens rapidly.

A house of worship that combines modern trends

If you are looking for a construction company that can help you construct a church that provides a multitude of modern benefits, some of the ideas you might have in mind include creating a church campus. In these cases, the church is a center place of worship but also dedicated to educational or social events. For instance, it is not uncommon for modern churches to include a coffee shop for worshipers or outsiders to congregate and share fellowship.

It is also becoming a trend to have daycare or other early childhood services in conjunction with a church campus. Of course, there can be other special needs that churches will want to accommodate such as facilities for those in need to take showers or eat meals. Finally, modern church facilities can often include sports center features such as locker rooms, athletic swimming pools and sauna services. Whether your church needs a fully loaded gym, a boat dock, an art gallery, a recording studio or simply needs a warm open space where God can be worshiped, finding the right construction company is your first step.

Beginning to end development, construction and financing oversight

Each construction project should have one person in charge from beginning to end that has the expertise to make sure all of the financing, development and construction goes as planned. In these cases, it pays to have a company like Nationwide Construction on your side whether you are planning to build a church, supermarket or cold storage unit. To get started, give us a call today and we will help you with a free design. When you contact us, we will go over any of your questions and concerns. Thank you in advance for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Take Advantage Of Technology Read These 6 Tips

Take Advantage Of Technology – Read These 6 Tips
Technology is moving at a rapid pace. Currently, there is an app for everything under the golden sun that can be accessed on a smart phone. I can pay bills, buy coffee, and check my work schedule to make sure I’m not already late. That takes roughly 3 minutes of my day.
The world around us is changing and it is crucial that we keep up with technology as it emerges. We should take advantage of the opportunity to utilize the tools that we are given, rather than be left behind in the dust. Here are 6 tips to help embrace technology and realize it’s not so scary after all!

1. Social media sites keep you in the loop with family and friends. Use them to stay in touch.

2. Almost every retailer and restaurant advertise with coupons and rewards systems that are delivered on these same social media platforms. Free products and steep discounts are offered daily – almost exclusively online.

3. Websites that help self-diagnose pain and problems are extremely beneficial prior to being seen by a doctor’s office. They can help pinpoint areas of concern and maximize the time spent with the doctor.

4. Save time at the post office by avoiding waiting in line and utilizing the kiosk system that is available in most cities. You can purchase stamps, and even mail out packages and letters with the appropriate postage.

5. Two words: Bank. Online. Save time by downloading the app for your bank on your smart phone. Even independent, small town banks are starting to offer this service to customers. You can move money around, and even deposit checks without ever leaving the easy chair, and the app is safer and more secure than accessing the bank’s website through the traditional internet service.

6. Find a fitness app that you like and that works for you, and start tracking what you eat and drink. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, these types of apps make it foolproof to see things that are so easily overlooked, like sodium intake. Beyond informative, and potentially life-saving.

How To Find a Good Internet Service Provider

How To Find a Good Internet Service Provider
I’m going to be honest with you. Choices are somewhat limited when it comes to finding high-speed internet providers. What you need to find is the best internet provider. Someone who fits your needs and budget. That can be hard to do, especially when the choices are limited. There is hope. Below I have a few tips on how to make your job a little bit easier.

1) Are you a casual user? Are you someone who uses the internet for everything? The casual user is someone who uses it for the basics, nothing more. If this is not you, then you need a provider who can work with you. If you want to just check email, you only need between 1.5 and 3 Mbps. For anything more, you will need at least 10Mbps. The more you want to do, the more Mbps you will need.

The best thing to do is contact someone in your are and see what he or she has to say. A professional will guide you in the right direction.

2) Go onto one of the ISP sites and type in your zip code. The search will generate the ISP services closest to you.

Another good source is the broadband.gov page. This site will give you a detailed description of what is out there. Based on this, you can figure out what you need.

3)Sometimes the best thing you can do is do your own research. Yes, it’s good to talk to a professional. Sometimes, though, the advise can be out of touch with your needs. Speak to your neighbors. Find out what they have used or do use. Sometimes an unbiased opinion is the best source of information. Your neighbors can also tell you which companies to work with, and which companies to stay away from. Experience is often times the best teacher. Don’t be afraid to feel out those you know.

Chances are that if your neighbors are experiencing certain issues, you will too. Consider the ISP structure in the area. Just because it works in one place, doesn’t mean it will work in another.



Everyone Loves the Internet

There are a number of reasons why people love the Internet. No one can argue that it’s one of the most important tools that mankind has at its disposal. It’s one of the largest storehouses of knowledge ever created, and it’s growing exponentially every day. People love the Internet because of the following reasons.

#1. Access to Information – While it’s prudent to be careful about information found on the Web, it’s an invaluable source of free information. Everything is there at your disposal: graphics, images, visual, content, and audio and video.

#2. The Ability to Communicate – Billions of people use the Internet to communicate. There’s an endless array of relationships, both personal and professional, that are created as a result of the Internet.

#3. Pure Entertainment – There are endless opportunities for people to watch movies, videos, read, learn and share information. You just have to be careful not to let it take over your life. For some, the Internet can become addictive.

#4. Careers. For some, the Internet provides an opportunity to work from home. They can spend more quality time with their families and get more accomplished in the process.

#5. Education – Gone are the days when a person had to be physically present in a classroom. People pursue every level of degree imaginable via the Internet. Education can affect where you work, live and your lifestyle.

#6. Relationships – The Internet makes it possible to pursue relationships next door, or across the globe. Connecting through social media venues is a phenomenon that’s here to stay.

#7. Help – For every question or need imaginable, there’s someone or something on the Internet willing to supply it. People rely on the Internet to find help and get questions answered.

It’s all about being able to connect with a service provider that can help you connect privately and securely whenever and wherever you want. Frontier Internet service has the industry expertise on which people can depend.